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List of Virtual Schools (K-12)

List of Virtual Schools by State

compiled by: C. Holding


  • Alabama

              * Access Distance Learning   (9-12)

  • Alaska

            * The Fairbanks B.E.S.T. Program    (7-12th grades)

            * Alaska Virtual Academy (K-8th grades)

  • Arizona


           * Mercury Online Academy of Arizona (K-8)

                * Arizona Virtual Academy (K-12)

  • Arkansas

          * Arkansas Virtual Highshool (9-12)

         * Arkansas Virtual Academy (K-8)

  • California


              * Dunlap Leadership Academy (9-12) 

              * Pacific View  Charter School ( K-12)

              * Southern California Virtual High School

            * California Virtual Academies (K-12)

  •  Colorado

           * Colorado Virtual Academy (K-12)

  •  Connecticut


  • Delaware


  • Florida

              *Florida Virtual School (K-12)

            * Florida Virtual Program (K-12)

  • Georgia

                * Georgia Virtual Academy (K-8)

                * Georgia Virtual School (  )

  • Hawaii

                * Hawaii Technology Academy (K-11)

  • Idaho

          * Idaho Virtual Academy (K-12)

  •  Indiana

              * Hoosier Academies

  •  Iowa

        * Iowa learning Online (9-12)

        * Iowa Online AP Academy (9-12)

  • Kansas

           * Insight Schools of Kansas (9-12)

           * IQ Academy Kansas (7-12 )
           * Smoky Valley Virtual Charter School
           * Turning Point Learning Center (K-8) 
  • Kentucky

          * Kentucky Virtual Schools (unknown if this is a free public school option)


  • Louisiana


  • Maine


  • Maryland

                 * Maryland Virtual High School of Science and Mathematics (unknown if this a free public school option)

  • Massachusetts



  • Michigan



  •  Minnesota

            * Minnesota Online High School (10-12)

            * Minnesota Virtual High School (6-12)

     * Minnesota Virtual Academy (K-12)


  •  Mississippi


  • Missouri 

          * Missouri Virtual Instruction Program (MVIP) (K-12)

        * Link:

  • Montana


  •  Nebraska


  •  Nevada

             * Washoe Online Learning for the Future (WOLF) (6-12)

   * Nevada Virtual Academy (K-12)

  • New Hampshire

                * Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) (9-12)

  •  New Jersey


  •  New Mexico


  •  New York


  • North Carolina 

                  * North Carolina Virtual Public School (K-12)


  •  North Dakota

                    * North Dakota Center for Distance Education (6-12)

  •  Ohio

                  * Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) (K-12)

                 * QDA (K-12)

       * Ohio Virtual Academy (K-12)


  •  Oklahoma

                      * Oklahoma Virtual High School (6-12)

                      * Oklahoma Virtual School (K-12)

           *Oklahoma Virtual Academy (1-8)

  • Oregon 

                  * Oregon Connections Academy (ORCA) (K-12)

                  * Oregon Virtual Academy (ORVA)  (K-8)

  • Pennsylvania

                    *Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (K-12)

                    * Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School (K-12)

                    * 21st Century Cyber Charter School (9-12) 

                    * Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School (K-12) 

          * Agora Cyber Charter School (K-12)


  •  Rhode Island


  •  South Carolina

                  * South Carolina Virtual Charter School (K-12)

  • South Dakota


  •  Tennessee


  •  Texas 

                 * Texas Virtual Academy at Southwest (3-9

  •  Utah

                   * Open High School of Utah (9-12) 

                   * Utah Electronic High School (9-12)

                   * Utah Virtual Academy (K-12 Charter School) (K-12)

  • Vermont  


  • Virginia

                    * Virginia Virtual Academy (K-8)

  •  Washington

                 * Columbia Virtual Academy (CVA)  (K-12)

                 * Insight School of Washington (9-12)

                 * Internet Academy (IA) (K-12)

                * IQ Academy Washington (6-12)

               * Meridian Parent Partnership Program (MP3)

               * Move-Up Program (MOVE) (9-12)

               * Okanogan Regional Learning Academy (ORLA) (9-12)

               * Washington Academy of Arts and Technology (WAAT)

               * Washington Virtual Academy (WAVA) (K-12)

               * Giant Campus of Washington (9-12)

              * Onalaska Virtual School (OVS) (6-12)

  •  West Virginia

                    * West Virginia Virtual School (K-12) (courses offered)

  • Wisconsin 

                   * Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA) (K-12)

                   * Wisconsin Virtual Learning (WVL) (K-12)

  • Wyoming

                  * Wyoming Virtual Academy (K-12)


 This list is not complete but I thought it may be beneficial to some. I will be adding more as I locate them. I know there are many more out there. If you are a part of one that is not included in my list, please feel free to contact me. Thank you:)

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